County Convention, Saturday, March 19, 2022

 Join us Saturday, March 19, 2022 for the Burleson County Democratic Party County Convention.

What is the Burleson County Democratic Party county convention?

Every 2 years, each of our 254 county Party’s throughout Texas is required by law to conduct a county convention to pass resolutions to pass on to our state convention and select delegates to represent Burleson County at the Texas Democratic Party state convention.

The TDP state convention will be held 
July 13-16th, 2022 at the Dallas Convention Center. 

Locally, we have an important Memorial Resolution to pass to honor the decades of service of 
#410 precinct chair (serving on the county executive committee), and election worker Mable Davis. 
We will also select 4 delegates to represent the Burleson County Democratic Party at the state convention.

At the state convention, our delegates will vote for state chair of Texas, other state officers, our senate district leadership, and resolutions for our state platform.

Each county delegate represents
300 democratic voters
from the county they represent.

This allowed number of delegates (four for Burleson County) 
is determined by the number of votes received per county for
the gubernatorial candidate in the 2018 gubernatorial election.

Sign in begins at 9:30 AM
Convention called to order at 10:00 AM

Two ways to sign up to attend the county convention:

Pre-register online by March 16, here:
Convention RSVP – Pre-registration for County/SD Conventions (


attend in person Saturday and sign in between 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM at the Caldwell Civic Center,

Come on by and help make democracy work!

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