Funding the Burleson County Democratic Party

We did it!! Through your hard work and outstanding efforts, we got Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected to the highest public office in the United States. We should celebrate!

But hard work never ends in these tumultuous times and we need money and support to do more.

Having a steady source of income helps a great deal to offset our expenses (office supplies, phone, advertising, postage) and so we are asking you to consider making a monthly, recurring contribution to our Burleson County Democratic organization. You can do so on your Actblue account at:–tx–1

We are a grassroots organization in your community, working to turn Texas into a blue state. Your monetary support is invaluable and the only support we receive.

Won’t you please help us by making a monthly recurring contribution of $5 or $10? If you cannot do that, please make a single donation at:–tx–1

Thank you again for your hard work and support.

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