Ice Cream Social with Judge Steven Kirkland and Rick Kennedy

Burleson Co. Democrats hosted a community ice cream social Thursday evening, August 30, at the Caldwell Civic Center. The fun event was well attended and ice cream and refreshments were served to all. The evening included a drawing for prizes and silent auction. The highlight of the evening was presentations by Judge Steven Kirkland, candidate for the Supreme Court Place 2 and Rick Kennedy who is running for U.S Congress, District 17.
Both candidates resonated well with the attendees and answered their questions honestly. Notably, neither wore a formal suit but instead wore blue jeans.

Judge Kirkland is the son of a truck driver who learned from his parents to fight against injustice. In his comments, Judge Kirkland stated that he was running because “justice demands the highest standards”. He has been on the bench for 12 years and has 27 years of legal experience. He went on to say that “his service to Texas communities taught him that balance, equity and fundamental fairness are standards that all judges must strive for if they are to interpret the law and seek justice”. He is concerned that too many judges have forgotten they serve the people, not political parties. In his quest for justice, Judge Kirkland worked extensively to help citizens in East Houston and Harris County to sue companies who were polluting their neighborhood. In addition and as a community leader he has fought to expand affordable housing and end discrimination. One of his main fights is to help make the court system more accessible and transparent.

Rick Kennedy, a newcomer to the political scene, has a background in software development. He says his 25 plus years of experience with people and management will help him tackle the challenges that are needed to serve in Congress. He spoke of his firm belief in Universal Healthcare, Climate Change, Economy and Taxes and Education. He stated that one of the main reasons for him running was his concern for his children and their future. He is the father of three children. Pride in Texas and love of country are his other reasons to run for Congress and he wants a chance to work to bring about change and make a difference. Rick supports Universal Healthcare. In his view, healthcare is a right not a privilege. As for the economy, he opposes the tax giveaway to major corporations. Rick briefly touched on gun control and education and said channeling tax dollars to private schools through vouchers will do damage to urban and suburban schools but also to rural schools.
Linda Arbuckle, Party Chair, made remarks on candidate for Texas House Representative, District 13, Cecil Ray Webster’s behalf that was unable to attend due to a death in the cream social press photo


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