See How the Election Process Works-Become an Election Worker


Every primary election, the local parties (Democrat and Republican) recruit workers to execute their primary election. The most visible workers are the ones who work election day, processing voters to vote in the election at their respective polling location. There are also behind the scenes workers such as the early voting ballot board and central count station.

The local Democrat Party is currently seeking workers to work at our county polling locations. There is a mandatory 2 hour training session one week before the election to learn about the paper work and equipment.

The parties are required to hire three workers for each polling location. Two of the workers are required to be registered voters in the polling precinct that they will be working in. These positions are titled the Election Judge and Alternate Election Judge. There is also a clerk position. The clerk must be a registered voter of the county they will be working in.

Election worker pay is dictated by the Texas Secretary of State at $8.00 per hour. Election day polling precincts hours are from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Workers are required to be 30 minutes early and will have to stay 30 minutes after the polls close to assort paper work to be turned into the Burleson County Elections office. This is a 13 hour work day. Election workers provide a service for the state. Zero taxes will be taken from workers pay.

If you would like to support your local party by becoming an election worker for the Tuesday, March 6 Democratic Primary Election, please contact Democratic County Chair, Linda Autrey at (979)596-1917.

P.S. Elections are held year round. The best way to get the experience to work other elections in your political subdivision: federal, state, county, city and school, it is best to get experience working a primary election.

Burleson County Election Day Polling Places

Precinct Box # 113
JP 1 & Constable Office, Deanville (6399 FM 111) 77836

Precinct Box # 114
The People Center, Caldwell (107 S. Temple) 77836

Precinct Box # 203
Cooks Point Community Center, Cooks Point (300 FM 1362 S) 77836

Precinct Box # 204
SPJST Hall, New Tabor (2674 County Rd 225) 77836

Precinct Box # 207
Old Bethlehem Church, Tunis (5306 FM 2039) 77836

Precinct Box # 211
JP 2 & Constable Office, Snook (9434 Slovacek Rd) 77879

Precinct Box # 215
Beaver Creek Gospel Church, Beaver Creek (727 Beaver Creek Dr.) 77836

Precinct Box # 301
Burleson County Courthouse, Caldwell (100 W. Buck) 77836

Precinct Box # 305
Black Jack Baptist Church, Black Jack (7866 County Road 301) 77836

Precinct Box # 308
Macedonia-Hix Baptist Fellowship Hall, Hix (10822 FM 2000) 77836

Precinct Box # 309
Chriesman Community Center, Chriesman (404 FM 1363) 77836

Precinct Box # 406
JP 4 Office, Somerville (16955 SH 36 S) 77879

Precinct Box # 410
Community Chapel, Lyons (14805 SH 36 S, Lyons)



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